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Dutyfree Warehouses in Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ)

We as a Dutyfree Warehouses have gained global recognition for providing best in class duty free warehouses in Free Trade Warehousing Zone, available for Indian as well as foreign companies at the most competitive rates. We mean business and making it really feasible for the customer, we provide all the value added services under one roof. Be it be Import Custom Clearance, Customs Bonded Warehouse, Logistics Services, Commodity Warehousing, Retail Warehousing, Handling, Storage Space in Covered Warehouses, Repacking, Rebranding, Relabeling, Re-Export, Export Clearance, Freight Forwarding or any other service, we serve it with the utmost attention.

We have possession of the most modern Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) facilities in Kandla SEZ (Gujarat), Mundra SEZ (Gujarat) & Noida SEZ (Delhi), equipped with cutting edge amenities and are best suited for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, Iron & Steel, Tyres, Agro industry, FMCG, etc. Other than that, the company provides comprehensive logistic and supply chain solution at economical rates.

Dutyfree Warehouse is a FTWZ(Free Trade Warehousing Zone), Bonded Storage Warehouse, Commodity Warehousing, Retail Warehousing, Logistics Services Provider approved by Ministry of Commerce having its owned Covered Warehouses & Open Warehouses with Four Side Boundary Wall in Kandla SEZ(Special Economic Zone), Gujarat, India.

Our objective is to simplify the imports and exports between countries by providing the duty free warehouses for the storage of Imported Goods without payment of any Custom Duty & GST, which is payable only at the time of clearance of goods to Indian territory. At Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) the customer retains 100% ownership of stored goods throughout the tenure as well as can capitalize duty free storage of their goods without any time constraint. The other perks of our FTWZ is customer can route their shipment straight to Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) from gateway ports with advance Customs Assessment. Moreover, the FTWZ has its own custom clearance facility, hence also proffers customized warehousing solution as per client's specific requirement.

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Logistics Services India,Gujarat,Mundra,Kandla
Retail Warehousing Service India,Gujarat,Mundra,Kandla

Dedicated Warehousing (or Contract Warehousing) is the outsourced management of warehousing operations, typically in a larger-scale facility, with all labour, value-added services, operational process, technology dedicated to a single customer.

Commodity Warehousing Service India,Gujarat,Mundra,Kandla

Shared Warehousing (or Multi Client warehousing) is the outsourced management of warehousing operations to a facility that is ordinarily imparted to different customers, yet incorporates value-added services such as Import Custom Clearance, Logistics, Handling,...



Duty Free Storage:

Customer can store destuffed goods in covered warehouses without paying any duty, gst or other taxes.


100% Retention of Ownership of Goods by Foreign Companies:

Foreign companies can retain 100% ownership of the cargo stored in FTWZ thereby avoid risk of Non Payment or Claims from Buyers


Expedite Custom Clearance:

Hassle Free Single Window Clearance of Cargo available at FTWZ


Save Import Detention & Demurrage:

Import Cargo can be directly unloaded in covered Dutyfree Warehouses and empty containers be returned to shipping line thereby saving Detention and Demurrage on Imports


Re-export without Duty:

Re-export the Cargo without any regulatory / duty implications


Re-Effectively Managing Working Capital:

Free up working capital & Increase Sales with Duty, GST & Other Taxes deferment.


Reduction in Financial Pressure:

Financial pressure on the Indian subsidiary is reduced because trading stock remains in the books of the foreign company as long as they are stored in FTWZ as a result finance cost of goods can be reduced as International Banking norms of Libor rate shall be available


Time Efficiency:

Shorter delivery period as Goods are just one day in transit from Foreign Company to Indian company being stored in FTWZ which is a deemed Foreign Territory


Quality Control:

Quality control ahead of duty payment, avoid duty payment on damaged, rejected goods and mitigate reverse logistic price.


Value Added Services:

Availability of all value added services, including Import Custom Clearance, Logistics, Handling, Repacking, Rebranding, Relabeling, Re-Export, Export Clearance, Freight Forwarding & any other services required by Customer


Trade in Free Convertible Currency:

Flexibility to trade and transact in free convertible currency


Multiple transfers at low cost:

Multiple transfer of ownership is entitled in FTWZ without removal of any goods ensuring that there is no any cascade of indirect taxes and prevents raise in transaction charge.


Exhibition Goods without ATA carnets or bank guarantees:

Exhibitor clients can transfer their exhibits through FTWZ unit without any requirement of ATA carnets or bank guarantees.


No Time Constraint:

Customers are allowed to store cargo without any time constraint.


Transportation Service:

We provide transportation from Gateway Sea Port to FTWZ & from FTWZ to final destination (last mile connectivity)


  • Foreign companies can retain 100% ownership of its cargo while storing goods in Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ)
  • Foreign companies do not need any Indian company for exporting goods to India as Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) acts as a custodian of their goods
  • Flexibility for Indian buyers to examine goods physically at Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) ahead of delivery in order to avoid claims & complaints
  • Foreign companies may deliver goods to Indian buyers after receiving payment thereby are assured of safety and security of their payment.
  • Foreign companies can capitalize low cost warehousing storage space and Services of skilled low cost labours of India
  • Foreign companies can use Dutyfree Warehouses as a SHOW CASE space for displaying their goods to Indian buyers
  • Two FTWZ are located near gateway sea port of Mundra and Kandla in Gujarat ensures easy connectivity & geographical benefit of being closest sea port to entire Northern Hinterland of India.
  • The FTWZ at NOIDA near Delhi simplifies Import-Export activities to north Indian buyers
  • Under Single Window Clearance System, imported goods are moved directly from port of discharge to Dutyfree Warehouses
  • Import containers are destuffed in secured dutyfree warehouses and empty containers returned straight to shipping line resulting into saving of Detention and Demurrage.
  • Minimum 30 Days free storage is conceded by Dutyfree Warehouses
  • No payment of Custom Duty, GST, Other Taxes or Stamp Duty is required till merchandise are stored in Dutyfree Warehouses
  • Value Added Services can be picked by customers viz. Import Custom Clearance, Logistics, Handling, Repacking, Rebranding, Relabeling, Re-Export, Export Clearance, Freight Forwarding and any other services required
  • Strategically located center for provincial appropriation: Distribution made simple to South Asian markets including India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal and the Middle East nations. MNCs taking into account these business sectors can unite their freight at Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) to mitigate their logistics costs
  • Custom Duty, GST and stamp duty are exempted on re- exports from Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) thereby saving hassles of applying for complex Refund process of paid duty and taxes
  • Reduced Transportation Cost as dutyfree warehouses centers are based close to gateway ports viz. Mundra and Kandla Sea Ports
  • Value added services : VAS activities can be performed without paying any duty for the equivalent and are significantly less costly than in US/Europe circulation focuses. These incorporate Import Custom Clearance, Logistics, Handling, Storage Space in Covered Warehouses, Repacking, Rebranding, Relabeling, Re-Export, Export Clearance, Freight Forwarding and other requirements
  • Avail Single Window clearance system at Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) and avoid complex time consuming custom clearance methodology for Imports/Exports at gateway Sea Ports
  • Quality Control before Exports, diminish reverse logistics costs by having quality control at our Dutyfree warehouses (FTWZ) than in US/Europe distribution centers. QC is significantly more costly in western nations when contrasted with India.
  • Faster Export Benefits Indian suppliers can claim Government Export Benefits as soon as goods enter the Dutyfree Warehouses (FTWZ) as transaction is considered as Deemed Export
  • Lowest Left Hand Corner
  • Change in Address
  • Duty Free Warehousing to Duty Free Warehouses

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Foreign companies can retain 100% ownership of goods stored in Dutyfree Warehouses!